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We apologise for any mistakes found in our patterns and work to correct these as soon as they are discovered.
In the unlikely event that an error is printed and shipped to a customer, please find corrections to our patterns below.

4 O'Clock in Peru
by Louise Papas

T5 in the pattern is incorrect. Referring to the diagram below, please remake T5 by halving your T4 (Hexagon) template, remembering to add your ¼” seam allowance to this drawn line.

Abby Road
by Lucy C Kingwell

Finger Border Template is 1" too long on template page.
Please follow rotary cutting instructions on page 4.

by Jen Kingwell

On page 15 of the Delilah booklet, the cutting instructions for Princess Cut incorrectly list cutting instructions.

READS: Cut 4 x T42

CORRECT: Cut 8 x T42

y Michelle McKillop

READS: 12.5 mts (2 7/8 yds) of light grey & whites & whites for backgrounds.
               3/4 mt (1/3 yd) of dark grey for all bias and circles.

CORRECT: 2.5 m (2/78 yds) light greys & whites for backgrounds.
                   3/4 mt (7/8 yd) of dark grey for all bias and circles.

Girl Next Door
by Louise Papas


Template T9 is 1/4" too short along the width (top and bottom edges)

Please extend by 1/4" of an inch (the top of the roof now measures 9 3/4" and the bottom edge of the roof now measures 9 1/4" (without seam allowance).

From face fabric cut:
1 x T47
2 x T48

From background fabric cut:
4 x T45

Template T47 (girls face) is mislabelled as T41 on template sheet. 


Finished Block Measures 22” x 6” (22 ½” x 6 ½” including seam allowance).

 From Picket Fence fabric cut:

52 x T24


Unit 2 - Stem and Leaves:

Join T34 – T31 – T35. Repeat with T34R – T31R – T35R. Stitch T32 between.


*above ears diagram* Join T73 – T79 – T73 and stitch these to the top of T74. 

Then, stitch this to the right side of T77/T72/T78 unit.

Make 4 blocks total. 

Shop roof template is too short.
Cut a rectangle from roof fabric at 1 ¼” x 8 ½” and stitch to the bottom of T102.

Alternatively, please use this link to download a pdf version of the Template.

T113 should be 6" x 1/2” without seam allowance (Not 8 1/2” x 3/4” as featured in the pattern sheet)

 Gypsy Wife

by Jen Kingwell

The original print run of Gypsy Wife Errata can be found by following this Link.

Link to Gypsy Wife Errata.

To determine what edition of the booklet you have, turn to the Introduction Page inside the front cover.

The 2nd edition has 'Second Edition' printed on this page (bottom left corner).


Sugar Rush
by Michelle McKillop

Your centre square is cut at 17". This measurement includes seam allowance.
Please note that your leaves must overlap the central ring to ensure the appliqué design fits the 16.5" finished square (17" including seam allowance). Your leaves will come right to the edge of the centre square.  We have included a close up photo of Michelle's quilt for your reference.
First border/frame is cut to the following measurements: 2 rectangles at 3 ¾” x 17” for first border/frame AND 2 rectangles at 3 ¾” x 23” for first border/frame

We have included a close up photo of Michelle's quilt for your reference.

Updates To Diagrams:

Simply Red Centre - Quilt Lovely
by Jen Kingwell

Appliqué Border Fabric Requirements: you will need 3m of fabric for this border (not the 1.5 m listed in book).


Spin Drift
by Michelle McKillop

Small print run are missing the template page in the middle of the pattern book due to a collation issue.
If your copy of the pattern is affected, please find the template page accessible via the download button below
Please use this link to download a pdf version of the template.

That Fairy Tale Quilt
by Lucy Carson Kingwell

Edition 1 is incorrect. Edition 2 is now in print.

Makers working with Edition 1, please contact Jen Kingwell Designs on

The Love Bug
by Lucy Carson Kingwell

If your copy of The Love Bug is missing template pages, please contact