Dream Green Batting

Dream Green batting is a soft, cosy, and cuddly batting that is 100% made from recycled bottles. Each pound of Dream Green rescues 10 bottles that could be added to the landfills! The polyester microfibers are indistinguishable from virgin poly fibres, so it has all the advantages of Dream Poly with added environmental benefits.



  • Made 100% from recycled bottles for the environmentally sensitive quilter
  • Needle punched poly microfibers mimic cotton fibres, so you get the look and feel of cotton
  • No shrinkage, so quilting will look the same after washing
  • Excellent for both hand and machine quilting
  • Will not hold a crease, even if it is folded up for months
  • Does not absorb moisture, so it dries very quickly and will not hold a stain
  • Breathable – there are no scrims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Fine denier microfibers bend when in contact with fabric, so they resist bearding
  • Does not shrink, so you will get no puckering


  • Green in colour, so test when using under white or very light-coloured fabrics
  • Does not wick moisture away from the body like cotton
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