Flame Retardant Batting

Dream Angel is heavenly because it is made 100% from flame retardant fibres. The fibres are specially engineered to be flame retardant without bromides or other harmful chemicals. Dream Angel Batting is needle punched to create a soft, cosy, breathable batting with a natural look and feel.



  • Made from proprietary blend of two different flame-retardant fibres. Has passed the California 604 test for flammability (A cotton sheet is placed on top and on the bottom of the batting. The top was set on fire, and the bottom remained undamaged!! Wow!)
  • Needle punched man-made fibres mimic cotton fibres, so you get the look and feel of cotton
  • Available in 2 lofts (Request or Select) for hand and machine quilting
  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) for the slightly puckered look
  • Will not hold a crease, even if it is folded up for months
  • Does not absorb moisture, so it dries very quickly and will not hold a stain
  • Breathable – there are no scrims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Very long fibres – no lint on the machine or in the air!
  • Fine denier microfibers bend when in contact with fabric, so they resist bearding


  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) for the slightly puckered look
  • Does not wick moisture away from the body like cotton

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