Silk/Bamboo Blend Batting

Dream Orient is the softest, drippiest batting available! East meets West with this elegant blend of sustainable bamboo, luxurious silk, botanic Tencel® and strong, stable cotton. One touch and you will be hooked!



  • The very softest and best draping batting there is, even when stitched very closely
  • Slight shrinkage (1-3%) upon washing/drying for the slightly puckered look
  • Excellent for both hand and machine quilting
  • Wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer
  • Breathable – there are no scims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Fine denier fibres bend when in contact with fabric, so they resist bearding


  • Cost compared with other battings
  • Not recommended for tied quilts
  • Bamboo fibres are short, so can be a bit linty if over-handled
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