About Us

Our focus at Jen Kingwell Designs is the wholesale-only distribution of Jen's Patterns, Booklets, Notions, Aurifil Thread, and Quilters Dream Batting. Jen also designs fabrics with Moda that have a colourful vintage style. 

Jen Kingwell Designs is proud to be an Australian owned company, supporting other local businesses that are aligned in their vision of a cleaner future. Below describes our partner’s environmental policy & processes. 



The team at Jen Kingwell Designs is proud to be partnered with a local print company that implement future-friendly printing processes and responsible recycling procedures. 



Whenever it is practical they actively promote the use of recycled acid-free paper. They continually test all types of recycled stocks on the market to demonstrate to their clients that the use of recycled stock is not a substitute for high quality. Today, gold medal-winning results are achievable using stocks with high recycled content. Making the green choice, the intelligent choice.



Our printer uses vegetable-based inks when printing our patterns. These are made from a variety of vegetable oils such as linseed, canola and soybeans. This makes the printed product easier to de–ink in the recycling process, resulting in a less hazardous more manageable sludge for re-pulping.



Our printer uses the latest computer to plate technology consisting of aluminium plates coated in a vegetable-based gum. Totally eliminating the use of film and chemistry related to film processing.



Our printer’s presses are equipped with alcohol dampening systems that minimise the percentage of alcohol used in the process down to 3%. Combined with the Hydro star system that recycles the press water and filters it through fines pores. Enabling them to use the solution three times longer than normal, saving water and waste. 



Our print partner recycles almost every product used internally from the obvious paper, aluminium plates, and timber pallets to the unusual such as compact discs, computer cartridges, press ink cartridges, mobile phones, excess computer equipment and plastic shrink wrap waste.