Polyester Batting

You won't believe it is polyester! With the invention of fine denier microfibers (one of the biggest breakthroughs in polyester) came new advantages to using polyester fibres. In Dream Poly there are over 60 million soft silky microfibers per pound (standard polyester batts use about 5 million fibres per pound). Our exclusive blend and needle punch processing of these revolutionary microfibers gives Dream Poly exceptional hand, beautiful drape, warmth, breathability, and comfort.


Available in two lofts:

  • Request: White. A lightweight and consistent batting developed especially for hand quilters - ideal for fine micro-stitching with an excellent drape. Handle gently for making lovely domestic machine quilts. Can be used on the longarm when floating the top. Excellent for light-weight summer quilts, hand quilted projects, and wearables.
  • Select: White and Midnight Black. Our most popular loft-versatile for both hand and machine quilting with a lovely soft drape. The perfect batting for most quilting projects, mid-weight drapeable quilts, and wearables.


  • Needle punched poly microfibers mimic cotton fibres, so you get the look and feel of cotton batting
  • Available in 3 lofts from very light weight to heavy weight - choices for both hand and machine quilters.
  • No shrinkage, so quilting will look the same after washing, and maintain the just quilted
  • look. (Excellent choice for modern quilters and modern quilting.)
  • Will not hold a crease, even if it is folded up for months
  • Does not absorb moisture, so it dries very quickly and will not hold a stain
  • Breathable – there are no scrims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Very long fine denier fibres – no lint on the machine or in the air!
  • Fine denier microfibers bend when in contact with fabric, so they resist bearding
  • Available in Midnight Black.
  • Can be tied


  • Not a natural fibre (manmade)
  • Does not impart a puckered, antiqued look.
  • Does not wick moisture away from the body like cotton
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