Cotton Batting

The original Quilters Dream batting, introduced at Charlotte Quilt Spring Market in the mid 1990's - a new type of high quality 100% cotton batting unlike any other.... and the response from shop owners, professional quilters, and teachers was incredible! When first introduced at Charlotte the name of our batting was "Quilters Cotton" - but thanks to a well-known teacher and hand quilter swooning "this just Quilts like a Dream".... the name Quilters Dream Batting and the tag line "Quilts Like a Dream" were born! Listening and learning from our quilters is what Quilters Dream does... and the variety of having four lofts of Quilters Dream Cotton Batting (along with our other great battings) are the results of your requests!


Available in two lofts:

  • Request: Natural or White. A lightweight and consistent batting developed especially for hand quilters - ideal for fine micro-stitching with an excellent drape. Handle gently for making lovely domestic machine quilts. Can be used on the longarm when floating the top. Excellent for light- weight summer quilts, hand quilted projects, and wearables.
  • Select: Natural or White. Our most popular loft-versatile for both hand and machine quilting with a lovely soft drape. The perfect batting for most quilting projects, mid-weight drapeable quilts, and wearables.


  • Some shrinkage (1-3%) upon washing/drying for the slightly puckered look.
  • 100% natural renewable cotton fibre.
  • There are no scrim, glue, resins, or binders in Quilters Dream Cotton - nothing to resist your needle so it quilts like butter.
  • Beautiful drape – the Request and Select lofts are especially huggable
  • Breathable – there are no scrims or other barriers that would inhibit airflow
  • Very warm – cotton has a high thermal value, so it is a great insulator. The Deluxe and Supreme lofts are extra-extra warm.
  • One of the many natural advantages of 100% cotton is that the fibres naturally absorb moisture to wick moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer.
  • Using high quality long fibres and state of the art needle punch manufacturing enables you to stitch up to 8" apart (giving you great design freedom) or you can stitch very close together and keep an exceptional soft lovely drape – excellent for stippling
  • Since this batting uses the long fibres, they won't lint up your machine
  • Curly natural soft cotton fibres are cohesive and resist poking through and bearding.


  • Natural colour of cotton can give beige undertones to white fabric (recommend using bleached Dream Cotton or Dream Poly for white fabrics).
  • Need to use a light hand, especially with the request and select weight
  • Shrinkage/puckering effect may not be desirable for your quilt style.
  • Not recommended for tied quilts.
  • Does not dry as quickly as polyester battings
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